end of life ceremonialist

rituals and ceremonies to honour those who have passed

Crafting meaningful and personalised ceremonies honouring loved ones who have passed away.

There are many variations on how you can honour your loved one at the end of their life, and many stages in between and after. We can discuss what these look like and what would best suit the purpose of your special ceremony.

Below are some examples of different ceremonies we can create

  • Ceremony before or after cremation
  • Ceremony for burial
  • Celebration of Life
  • A Living wake
  • Vigils
  • Memorials

we can create a ceremony that is led by your wishes and how you would like to honour your loved one. we can be very personal in how we craft this to best reflect the person we are celebrating. If you would like to discuss any of the ideas or have any questions. Get in touch with me.

End of Life Celebrant

I can help you craft the ceremony and also provide you options and resources .

  • we can have chat so that I can understand more about who you are in order to prepare for your session.
  • we fill out a  questionnaire in our consultation session and dive into the needs of you and or the family
  •   I will provide you with options, ideas and resources to create a beautiful ceremony
  • I help you navigate the journey