end of life planning

I can help you or your loved one with end of life planning. Documents, services, making arrangements for funerals

There are many documents one should consider having in order at any stage in life, so that we do not burden those left behind. I can prepare a session with you to help you prepare your end-of-life plan, wishes and preparations as we all as support you with paperwork for medical establishment.

I do not cover the legal aspects, a lawyer will need to sign off on some of them such as your will or POA but I can support you in getting these all in order

end of life planning sessions

  • prepare legal documents such as your will
  • Power of Attorney
  • Enduring Power of attorney
  • Advanced Health Care Plan directive
  • Non legal documents
  • Death care and after death care plan
  • end of-life wishes
  • Funeral instructions
  • legacy work
  • letters to loved ones
  • video letters